Children’s House

DSC09981Our Children’s House preschool classroom includes children ages 4-5 (pre-K and Kindergarten). Pre-K students attend for two full days each week (either Mon/Thur or Tue/Fri), while Kindergarten students attend five full days.

In our Children’s House classroom you will find:

  • A variety of engaging and educational materials organized into the following areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Art, Science, and Geography
  • An uninterrupted multi-hour morning work block that fosters the children’s deepening concentration levels
  • Individual and small-group lessons
  • Peer to peer learning and observing
  • Lessons in peace, cooperation, and working harmoniously in community
  • Our classroom fish and pet turtle
  • Field trip opportunities throughout the year

DSC_1046A Typical Day in the Children’s House:

  • The preschool children begin to arrive at school at 7:45 and, after taking care of their belongings, they are welcomed into their classroom and join their community.
  • During their morning work time, children choose a variety of works, such as enjoying a nutritious snack, painting a picture at the easel, coloring a map of the world, building with the Pink Tower, scrubbing a table, counting beads, tracing Sandpaper Letters, or creating stories with the Moveable Alphabet. If they would like to return to a work later in the afternoon, they leave their name stone on their work rug.
  • Students gather together for a group meeting time. During this time student sing songs, recite poems, share stories, listen to music and share interesting things they bring in.
  • Following the work time, children head outside for recess (weather permitting) and enjoy playing on the playground or in the small school forest.
  • If outdoor recess is not available, the children enjoy a meeting time filled with stories, musical instruments, songs, movement, dancing, and games.
  • All of the students go on to lunch in the cafetorium. Once the children are back at the room we gather for a story and afterward the 4K students will rest.(Kindergarteners have the option to rest, but most likely will participate in a lesson and work time.)
  • All of the Kindergarten student receive Specials in the afternoon. The Specials rotate from Music, Art, Physical Education, and Library. The 4K students and the Kindergarteners with open specials will have another recess before heading home for the day at 2:55.