E2 – Upper Elementary

A typical day in the E2 classroom:
  • A typical day in the E2 classroom begins with the children coming into the room where they sign in to let me know that they are here.  Once the children have settled into the room, we begin our morning with 15 minutes of spelling practice using Words Their Way.
  • Our morning work cycle begins at 8:15 where the children choose works from a variety of subject areas.  During this time the children begin to read for their afternoon book discussion groups, while Miss Alison presents lessons and works one-on-one with students or small groups.  This is a three hour work block, which allows for the children to become fully engrossed in their learning.
  • At noon the children head outside for their recess and then to lunch with the Legacy School students.  The children love this time, as they are able to see their friends that are not a part of our classroom.
  • The afternoon is where the children will meet with their discussion groups, where we focus on specific reading skills and the children practice their active listening skills.
  • At 1:15 the children will head to Specials and their music classes.
  • Our afternoon wraps up with the children cleaning and organizing the classroom through their daily jobs.  We take some time at the end of our day to listen to a classroom read aloud book, and let our bodies relax.  Our last fifteen minutes are spent in our community time, where the children are able to play a game or complete a challenge together.